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                                       Writing photographs 



Writing informs the making of my work and, in turn, the making informs my writing. 


For me writing is a necessary adjunct to the clarification of ideas, concepts and processes in the  making of my work. 


While my writing has often been hidden in the background or used as supporting material for exhibitions, in the form of artist statements and catalogues, it has now come to the fore in my practice.  My current work has shifted from exclusively making exhibition works in series, to the production of handmade artist books.  The writings in these books are not explanations of the enclosed photographs but are narratives in their own right. 


Recent completed books are Echo: a limited edition of 20 copies, made in 2014, and Field Recording: a book of print out photographs made on vintage paper stock.


Echo is about the joy of destroying both beauty and the natural environment. 

Field Recording is an exploration of re-imaging thinking and making photographs.

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These two exhibition catalogues are available to read online, click on the links to read




Publications and other stuff

D a v i d   M a r t i n  David Martin, Artist book,  (self portrtait - no edition), 1995


The Effect of Photography on the Experience of Being  David Martin, PhD exegesis, Utas, 2004


OnLooking   David Martin, Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport, Tasmania, 2006


The Road to Here  David Martin, Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport, Tasmania, 2007


About photography II, Artefact Exegesis  D. I. Martin, (Digital only) 2011


Echo  David Martin, Artist book (edition 20), 2014



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