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New Work

Field Recording



Published February 2018

Field Recording: An Examination of Photography as Process and Premise.


Brief synopsis: A theoretical re-imagination of photography that explores other ways of thinking and making photographs.  The project is developed from the original artist book as a series of photographs with essays.

The Field Recording project takes as a starting point the early methods and concepts of Henry Fox Talbot.   The project continues on in the direction that he began, but subsequently abandoned, as he imagined and invented the entity photograpy. In one sense this is a ‘photography about photography’ project, but in another sense this project is a proposal for another photography - one with a vision quite different to the one now generally accepted.

This book is available to order through this website or from Blurb direct.  The first twenty books sold through this website will also include an original photograph from the series. See shop page for preview link and purchase inquiries.

Book of Days

These photographs are from the Book of Days project.


They were made by exposing conventional B/W paper to the sun and sky for the entire duration of a day - dark to dark.

The project entailed making a photograph of all the light of every day for an entire solar year. The photographs were then to be compiled as a book.