All the images below are from an ongoing project where all of the light of each day for an entire year is being recorded.  The work is about light.

The work is made on B/W darkroom paper that I use as a print-out paper.  This process renders the image visible at the end of the exposure - all the colour rendition is native to the process. 

I document the work prior to processing and after processing to produce the finished work.  The photographs with evident blues are pre-processing, the predominant red/yellows are post processing. 

Currently the photographs are printed on 300 gsm Museo rag, paper size 22 x 17 inches (56 x 43cm), pinned for exhibition.  I think the work makes more sense by having at least two images.

The below link leads to proof of the field recording book.  These works are from 2015/6 and are musings on/about photography.

The photographs are made on vintage fly-weight print-out paper.  The first two series are made from negatives exposed to the sun for extended periods, which I have combined with water collected from specific sites - as named in the titles (see inventory at end of book)

The last series is made directly on the paper with the sun's light, in which I have basic darkroom techniques to construct the 'images'.

A couple of pages from the book could be exhibited - though due to the fragile nature of the paper they would require framing.  Actual size of images range from approx 8 x 9 inch to approx 6 x 6 inch - page size 11 x 17 inch.

Note: text in book is unfinished early draft, so please ignore.